Monday, January 3, 2011

Time Killers

Bare with me, but I definitely just thought of a great idea for a movie.


First of all there are no previous "Time Killer" movies, there's a 3 because it lowers the audience's expectation for the cinematic feature. Much like how Vonnegut titled his novel Slaughterhouse Over 9000 in order to catch everyone off guard, they will assume it's a shitty sequel at best with D-rated celebrities or something... But shit will be cash, trust me.

Alright so the movie begins with Arnold Schwarzenegger (and I'm not talking about that pansy current Schwarzenegger, I mean bad-ass, leather jacket wearing, sawed off toting, Terminator 2 Schwarzenegger) sitting on a couch, waiting for god damn Deal or No Deal to end so he can watch something decent.  WHEN SUDDENLY, he gets incredibly bored. He needs to KILL some time.

I'm sure you can visualize the awe inspiring scenes that could come of this. Intense action sequences filled with explosives coming out of every orifice, and Betty White narrating the entire thing. I'd pay several dollars to see such a thing.

Also Markie Mark will be in there somewhere because everybody loves Markie Mark.

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